Friday 10 February 2012


Yep, we said so.... The Firm - Alan Clarke's great cult feature from 1989 originally shown on TV as part of the 'Screen Two' series. Alan Clarke a master of his era before he left us too young- gave us the likes of this, Rita, Sue & Bob Too, Made In Britain and of course the mightily brutal Scum! These were hugely important films and made stars of the cast, the likes of Ray Winstone, Tim Roth and of course Gary Oldman all went on to big, big things in part due to each of their superb turns under Mr Clarke's direction.
The Firm has rightly picked up a cult following, it's daft, it misses the point a little at times but let's face it, it's great! You've got a wealth of TV gold, Grange Hill's Benny Green, both 'Enders and Corrie's 'hardmen' in Phil Mitchell and Jim McDonald respectively. Steve Sweeney the Jimmy Cagney of London and a bunch of familiar faces with less familiar names. BUT it's all about Bexy Versus The Yeti. Phil Davis who is also known for his role as 'Chalky' in other cult favourite Quadrophenia and lesser known for the fact he directed other bonkers cult hooly flick I.D. and Gary Leonard Oldman!
So we come to the forthcoming tee. We wanted to do something really different here, there's never really been anything decent Firm related, images were always few and far between, heck, it didn't even have a poster, so any kind of merchandise or memorabilia was largely none-existent. So we approached illustrator and all round talented craftsman Matt Craven to come on board and bring us probably the coolest unoffical Firm tee ever, he probably thought we were a bit mental, but some of you out there will understand for sure. Here's a little preview and check back soon for more news. YHN

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