Friday 16 March 2012


Twin Peaks from David Lynch is one that is very much etched in my mind from childhood. The weirdness, that music and damn fine cups of good morning America - a cup 'o Joe darker than a moonless midnight etc etc. I was ten years old when it originally aired so naturally I didn't watch it all nor really take anything in, except haunting images of a little man dancing in a red room, a dead girl wrapped in plastic, a really scary, hairy man called Bob and a zillion thumbs up from Special Agent Dale Cooper. The music which is rightly referred to as 'being like another member of the cast' got some serious play from my mother in the old Audi 80. She had it on cassette and would play it, often. It reminds me of trips along the coastline to caravan holidays to Anglesey.
Last Christmas I knew it was time to watch it as an adult and I'm very glad I did. These days TV has hit high - Hollywood standards with serious quality shows with huge budgets coming and going. It's even become as big as films in some cases. The likes of Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.
A few years back The Sopranos which I consider personally to be the greatest series of all time again pushing television up to a new level.
This though, is special. Groundbreaking when it was first aired; it still stands the test of time today. It's epic, the ensemble totally believable and some cracking characters, sexy girls and great wardrobe. With, of course plenty of totally bonkers stuff thrown in as you'd expect from Mr Lynch. The first series is superb and even though the second loses it's way somewhat prior to the finale its still great. Complimented with the follow up feature film prequel of sorts Fire Walk With Me. It's an outstanding piece of TV gold.
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