Wednesday 25 April 2012


Continuing with the smaller, finer things in life (there are bigger things to come, don't worry about that) we have round two of the coolest pin badges we've ever made.
Following on from last years Acid Ramblers set, we've gone for two smartly attired chaps with our new
Acid Casuals. Resplendent in minute colourful detail in their bestest garms including the finest in Italian classic outerwear and European trainers. Look at the detail, they're fucking aceness and that's swearing. These are highly collectible (we reckon) and will probably be worth twice as much as we sold them for this time next week - on eBay! Joking aside, they are strictly limited to 100 sets, one per person. We know we could do three or four times that many easy, but it's not about that for us. It's all about having something you'll buzz from and want to keep forever and something not everyone has got, as far as a little pin badge goes we'll blow our own willies here and say we think they are as cool as custard.
As if that wasn't good enough we're also offering a choice of two dead smart keyrings, coming in hard polished enamel. We have a classic signature/box logo and a great take on the Connoisseur cult Weir hat. These'll add hours of fun to any keyring for sure!

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