Tuesday 3 July 2012


0161 in the area! The weekend gone saw the highly anticipated event in Manchester - The Stone Roses resurrection at Heaton Park, pills, thrills and probably a few bellyaches later, people are now back to the mundane weekly routine. Enough of the Manchester cliches, we thought it was appropriate to add a little gallery of what was a memorable weekend for many. It was a genuine pleasure to see so many CC garms on display and so many of our t-shirts and bucket hats, despite the deliberate limited numbers of those we sold.
This also tied in a great few days for ourselves and our Scandinavian brothers from Our Culture, meeting long standing and new friends from all over the UK aswell as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Italy and beyond! There were more cagoules, facial hair, nice jackets, shoes and trainers on display than you could ever imagine. Drinking from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening I still feel a bit pissed on Tuesday, but it was worth it. We also met our pals from down the Mersey, Casuals author Phil Thornton and pal Ste C, great times, 'one love' etc, etc, here's to the next one! CD

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