Wednesday 5 September 2012


Remember Curva Nord from a few years back? some of the original 'terrace' tees with a twist, from the bods behind Swine Magazine and Terrace Retro, this was a cool t-shirt label around six years ago, noted for smart eye catching designs with tongue in cheek references to continental football and popular culture featuring original designs from current Rig Out art director Andy Bird.
Well, after a discussion with Phil Thornton and Ste Connor over a bevvie or two we decided together it was a good time to maybe help bring it back with a collaborative t-shirt or two, helped with a prompting from one of our Liverpool based stockists Distant Echo.
The first one is a brand new design with a Dexy's theme, 'Young Soul Rebels' which will be going into production shortly with number two currently a work in progress, watch this space! CD

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