Monday 1 October 2012


As that time of the year fast approaches, the leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in, and there's a nip in the air! It's all about the 'winter warmers' and it's our favourite time of the year - not to mention a busy time too, especially when it comes to headwear! Be it the commute, the match, a weekend walk or literally pushing yourself halfway up a mountain, the Connoisseur signature titfer is back! There's lots going on behind the scenes here at CC towers but we'll turn our attention to the Weir hats for now.
We recently pulled the trigger on this years collection - a cult in itself! We've been asked about these hats ever since the last batch flew out, in fact all year long...even during what little summer we had. Having done quite a few of these already, picking new colours is a harder task than you'd imagine.
We'd pick a great combo and then realise we'd already done it or very similar. There's a few loose themes going on this year; it's not all about nice colour co-ordination, some colours which do clash but also actually work well combined were chosen and inspiration came from all kinds of places from classic confectionery to continental football teams. As always these will be limited to just 50 per colour once again and of course made right here, in blighty.
We are also working on a stockists exclusive after last year's proved extremely popular, with that we have two special edition designs again, which (if the manufacturers can do) will be pretty special, but you'll have to wait and see on that one.
As the yarn wrappings (above) came through the letterbox for our approval, we gave the thumbs up and the order's now in. To save answering the same question again and again, it's likely the first batch of three will be delivered for a November release, so watch this space! YHN

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