Tuesday 14 May 2013


We love hats here at CC and sometimes you have the desire to wear a wacky titfer, we try to ensure as diverse a range as we can and this one is quite crazy, like something Timmy Mallet may wear on a trip to Butlins or better still something the Good Doc might wear whilst tripping! An eclectic piece of headwear for an eccentric chap. Made in the USA, limited numbers.

So, next up in our ongoing pin badge collection, we bring you our Anti Heroes pins. Featuring Breaking Bad's Walter White alter Ego 'Heisenberg' and A Clockwork Orange's Alexander DeLarge himself. Current cult TV and classic literature is covered here in superb minute detail - and as far as we can see, they've never been done before! It's the simple things which work the best, these are two of our favourites yet. As always highly limited numbers produced #acultnotacashin TC
Both the hats and the pins are Released Weds 15th 7pm.

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