Tuesday, 2 July 2013


This Saturday sees the first proper STAND event, STAND Ale Music Football.
At the Black E Liverpool the event is a game of two halves. Kicking off with three panel based discussions about what can be done to take back the beautiful game. 
2nd Half : will be followed by live music from Mercury 13 and later an OFFICIAL HAPPY MONDAYS DJ SET from BEZ (The Happy Mondays) and VINCE VEGA (Happy Mondays Tour DJ) as well as music from The Beat Boutique DJ's.
This is an event for supporters of all clubs to come together for the future of our game. It's been taken from us. Let's take it back! Leave your colours at the door, have a good time and make a STAND. 

With tickets selling fast, it's highly recommended you buy in advance from Distant Echo You'll also be able to pick up a t-shirt we've commissioned our cohort 
Peter O'Toole to produce exclusively for the event. TC

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