Wednesday 5 February 2014


Now then! From new tees, to a variety of little badges, keyrings and mugs, to new bonce warmers of both the cult and classic persuasion. New shirts and shorts made in Portugal, new footwear and exciting collaborations galore! 

There's that much going on here we felt the need to write it down and inform you of our goings on. And there is a lot. Big tings a 'gwan!


The course of the next few weeks see's the release of several hats, the first of which is the last of this winters' Weir 6. Three more colours of fifty ski-hats, then off they pop for another year. Released Thursday 13th FEB 7pm (GMT). A day earlier than usual so not to affect any lovebirds. 

We've also got our splendid range of classic hats, the Noodles, the Sherlock and the Villain too, each release will be going online within a few days of each other very soon and we'll give a heads up when that is. Likely week commencing 17th Feb. These come in several sizes and are proper Obie Trice the lot of them, checking your size is easy - just measure the circumference of your noggin' above the eyebrows. 
The Sherlock is also complimented by a scarf release of the same Cashmere/Wool mix and check pattern. It's all proper premium schmutter this. Delightful!

At this point we'll drop a hint on another special edition hat that's going online this winter, a closely guarded secret which shall be revealed in more detail soon. Let's just say there's two colours of fifty and it'll make trainspotters gush and the haters blush!


There's lot's of tees due online and ready to go in for order at present. It's going to be a busy Spring/Summer for sure. We've got our Brand With 2C's tee and our special collabo with our matryoshka Danja almost ready to go online, (we're just waiting on some white tees), those two have been and almost gone through respective stockists already (so apologies for the delay). 
Not to mention a refresh of two of our favourites from last year Chicks in Kicks III by Saul and Working Men's Club.  

(Breaking Good were added last week too). We've got two more authentic Russian designed tees from our Russian friends Outskirts going into production for a Spring release, not to mention about a dozen more already designed and ready to go including a nod to our favourite film this year The Wolf Of Wall Street, a couple of cheeky riffs, several new tees from new people and another from Russia and more, busy, busy, busy! 


One thing we're working hard on here at CCHQ is the continued pushing of world domination, brand progression! We're working our socks off to try and develop and evolve the brand as we go and are doing alright thus far. Footwear and proper clothing is always nice and there'll be some more niceties for your plates, with Veras and Walsh. 

The Cheshire alliance continues with a couple more bits alongside Curva Nord.

There's more shirt options with Tuktuk and of course one we've been working on for a while a collaboration with Portugal based Newfangle on the long awaited Union II chambray shirt and AND some belting shorts for summer, more of which you can read about on a new post soon with a bigger preview and pics.

We're also in the development stages of producing and releasing a range of clothing together in a limited edition return with the Drooghi mafia Rather Not Say. Then there's outerwear, we love jackets, we've got some nice options we're planning and working on, not to mention a super limited release of one of our favourite jackets, the Capandula with 6876 as part of the Black Project. More info soon, but this is something we're delighted to be involved in and a top of the end, top end coat!

As always, we like to offer little extras, quirky stuff.
We've got a bunch of pins to come out and more in production, we've got mugs, beermats and more too. We love stickers and we've had some nice ones in recently. They go out with orders, well whilst they last!

Please note: orders purchased in the afternoon from Tuesday 4th Feb will be subject to several days delay due to work commitments, apologies for any inconvenience but this is unavoidable! 
Keep on keeping on. TC/DC

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