Tuesday 15 July 2014


Our next hook up with Curva Nord is a 'remix' of a previous design from a few years ago. The second collabo following the Dexys tribute last year is a new play on their previous BOCA Juniors themed tee. A twist on the characters this time. 
We're saying All Connoisseur's Are Brilliant, or All Curvas are Bazzin', Andrew, Chris And Benjamin, All Cats Are Beautiful etc..it might mean something else too, perhaps? a world renowned acronym which will appeal to many I'm sure. But, that's up to you to decide. Given the Buenos Aires club's most famous son was Diego, there's also a tie in with Frank Zappa and a famous lyric from the 1983 single of the same name - another Curva Nord idea which never left the drawing board. 
Tee goes live online at 7pm tomorrow evening.  TC

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