Wednesday 10 June 2015


Tomorrow see's the release of our London Dresser tee.
'How come a Northern based brand releasing a tee called London Dresser' you may well say?
Well it's pretty simple, we spend quite a bit of time in our capital, it's one of the best cities in the world, (if not a bit too expensive). This tee came about with meetings down there and friends and acquaintances through the brand. Inspired by the pubs, the ale, the gear we wear and the surroundings and of course not forgetting the bi-monthly CAMRA magazine 'London Drinker' you'd see in those choice boozers we'd be visiting. 
The tee has been produced in cahoots with our friends at Pit2Pit Magazine a reworking of that rather snazzy logo incorporating all of the above. So yes that's what this is all about, a tribute to our capital, for those who like the great pubs, drinking great ale and dead nice coats and clobber. 
This one was thoguht up fittingly from a few pints in an old back street boozer, The White Lion, near Old Street, which closed shortly after (it's reopened now thankfully). With smaller design to left chest when worn and featuring a small ale glass related back logo under the collar, the tee comes on both Sand and Jade colour tees. Online 7pm Thursday. TC

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