Wednesday 2 December 2015


This Friday and Saturday sees a sample and deadstock sale taking place in Manchester City Centre. Precise location is 20 Dale Street Northern Quarter, Manchester M1 1EZ. There will be a range of brands of offer with limited samples and deadstock from the likes of Carhartt, Saucony, Veras, New Balance, Vans, Stan Ray, Edwin, Patagonia, Buddy, Manastash, Reigning Champ, Stussy, Alife and more.  

We were invited to take part but not having a great deal of deadstock ourselves means we'll make an appearance on the Friday with a few bits on offer. However, on the SATURDAY we decided we'd offer a new titfer; the 'Choc-Orange' Weir, a little differently this year and via this event only. Being online only we don't normally get the opportunity to offer them differently so that's why we've done this. 

The usual rules will apply with this one still, just 50 available, no more no less, strictly one per person, first come, first served. That's the deal, that's how it is. In the event that any are left over they will go online at a later date. 

We've already been inundated with emails asking if one can be saved or sold to them early, as they can't make the event. The answer to that simply is NO. Most of our customers will know how this works by now. Also this is one of a number of hats this winter, as per previous years - including stockist exclusives and specials and there are around a dozen or more colourways still to arrive over this winter, so fear not if you can't/don't get this one, there's plenty more coming!

Please note : we will also be offering a limited number of the forthcoming Twin Peaks inspired Black Lodge and The Shining inspired Room 237 hats on the day too. These WILL however, also be available online too over the coming weeks. 
Once again, in the interest of fairness all the hats are strictly one hat per person. No more. We hope things won't get too silly, but we will have measures in place to ensure they don't. 

FRIDAY : we'll be there for a bit selling some very limited numbers of deadstock, these will be strictly random sizes only of older/archive product like apparel, footwear and random things. 

The new Weirs will definitely NOT be available on the Friday so please don't ask for them. Please!

SATURDAY - We will be selling the said 3 hats from 11am

Please note: if you're queuing, there are 50 of each hat and that's it. That's one hat per person on a first come first served basis. That's one hat each, not one of each hats or two of one etc etc. Once they're done and gone that's it. We appreciate the hats can be in far bigger demand than are actually available....that's the whole point! 

*We reserve to right to refuse a sale or end our participation at any point if we believe it to be in the best interests. 

Please note : the opening times advertised on the flyer are for the event, we are partaking in the event as a guest brand amongst several other sellers, our attendance times may depend on the availability of stock. There are a bunch of great brands on offer so be sure to pay it a visit and have a good look around, this most certainly isn't just about CC and the Weirs. 

Terms and conditions apply with the event, it is strictly a *cash only event too, no other form of payments will be accepted or available at the event. Please ensure you are prepared in advance to avoid any problems as we cannot do any reservations. Let's make it simple and easy for us all.

*All items sold are as final stock sales, no exchanges or refunds are available whatsoever.

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