Wednesday 6 January 2016


Now then, hat season is in full flow. New year lot's of new hats due...

Tomorrow see's the release of our 'Vronsky' themed block striped hats and it's more lairier crazy multi coloured friend. Pure wool greatness made right here in Blighty.
They're online at 7pm GMT  

The return of our 'Noodles' hat the day after too on Friday at 7pm GMT, a personal favourite of ours, multi coloured tweedy greatness, one of the greatest titfers a man could ever with to put on his bonce if we do say so ourselves. These won't hang about!

Next Tuesday also at 7pm GMT sees the release of our Room 237 hat, the scarier companion to the phenomenon that is/was our Overlook hat of the famous carpet design from the Shining. Well incase you didn't know, this is the carpet from the room they were warned to stay out of! These might not hang about long either!

Then on Thursday 14th we release our Villain hats! Brand new designs in red and blue with the usual wondeful mix of colours in the Donegal tweed. 

AND they'll be more Weirs due online w/c 18th January... TC

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