Monday 11 April 2016


Introducing Winston!
One of the good things doing what we do is traveling about and meeting new friends. Back in 2014 We visited Hamburg and a new shop that was in the early stages of being worked on, last winter it became a reality and Casual Couture was born so be sure to check them out.  
During the visit we were introduced to the great Winston the Bulldog.
And as things go whilst having a beer and sampling the delights of the Reeperbahn between us all it was decided a collabo was in order and so with Hawkins and Joseph we present the 'Winston' tee. As part of the collabo there was also a very exclusive and rather rare Weir featuring Winston that came with the tee and various other bits exclusively and was available from Casual Couture. Now's your chance to purchase the tee from our shop. 

Also comes with a special commemorative pennant. 

T-shirt available on both Navy and (Oxblood) Maroon this Wednesday at the usual time of 7pm, GMT.

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