Friday, 22 July 2016


When we first started doing this thing ten years ago, making our own clothing beyond printed t-shirts seemed almost a bit dream like, as the time and products released has flown by, it's sometimes nice to take a step back and look at everything we've done thus far. We still remain a very small operation - a two man team, 100% independent, but over the years we have been lucky enough to meet and work with plenty of good folk. 

Newfangle clothing based in Porto are just that, the coastal city known for it's cobbled streets and known as 'the Unvanquished city' is somewhere we have yet to visit, but there's still time. Famous for it's Port wine and the production of cork, Portugal is pretty good at making clothing too, they aren't too bad at football either! 
We've had the pleasure to work with all round nice guy Ramiro on several occasions, notably our two most recent collaborations with the 'Treinador' coach jacket and 'Flanar' shorts, both given their Portuguese namesakes - simply translating as coach jacket and strolling shorts. Good anywhere as Newfangle's motto goes, we agree.

Portugal has a good track record with garment manufacturing, some of our favourite menswear labels such as 6876, Garbstore and Folk have turned to Portugal for some of their wares too. For a brand like ours, we don't mass produce but also like to make decent enough quantities to supply our customer base. The biggest stumbling block has always been finding factories that make the right stuff at the right time and in numbers you are able to work with. We have found Portugal a viable option for this and a better alternative than going much further afield for less money, not through snobbery, just out of preference.

Going back to making genuinely good cut and sewn gear is something that we thrive on, the quality and construction of our coach jacket, with it's optional hood is spot on, it's one of our favourite items to date. I've worn mine every week since we took delivery. I'm surprised we still have any left in all honesty. The shorts too, are great and the two previous releases went down very well with all who bought them. Grab them while you can! As I type, we should have some new hats (made over there) delivered soon too, watch this space. Obrigado! DC

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