Tuesday 20 November 2018


Our famous 'Tinted Lens' tee, returns with a special added feature for this one. 
Featuring the iconic CP Mille Miglia, originally designed by Massimo Osti, based on the racing driver's jacket of the same name. The 'goggle coat' has been worn on the terraces since the 80's. Originally based on artwork from around 15 years ago as seen on one of the original casual culture sites countylads.com this was the first t-shirt we ever did and helped saw the birth of our brand, long before the Goggles became to go-to coat for identikit lads. We believe this was the first t-shirt to reference the famous coat too, a tee that's been a best seller globally over the years. This one has the added new extra of special goggle details, stealth grey on a dead nice grey tee. 

Online Thursday 22nd 7pm. 

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