Saturday 12 June 2010

Re-released - Bronco Bullfrog.

Only ever available as a bootleg through scooter rallies and auction sites, Barney Platts-Mills 1969 slice of realism Bronco Bullfrog is re-released this weekend, and finally available on dvd in a couple of months time. Only ever shown once on telly, this film became a sought after cult classic that was seldom seen. Following the suedehead subculture this is an authentic lo-fi council estate kitchen sink drama, a perfect time capsule of old London as the sixties became the seventies, skins morphed into suedies.CD

Details: 1969,86 mins, Dir: Barney Platts-Mills. Cast: Anne Gooding, Del Walker, Dick Philpott, Fred Shepherd, Sam Shepherd.

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