Tuesday 14 September 2010


We've always had square eyes here at CC towers, so taking advantage of some rather good prices at the moment, here's a few recent film pick ups, is the normal dvd on it's arse? It seems to be very cheap at the moment! I hope not as I've amassed quite the collection, 'spose it'll be like vinyl one day and be dead cool to have far too many on your shelves, I hope. We still get our films from the likes of HMV, Fopp or Play and not from some Oriental in the back of a pub, by the way.
Pictured above is a nice selection of the odd mainstream, arty farty Euro, World Cinema and some classic 'Jack Nicholson' - recently released at the cinny in cleaned up glory Five Easy Pieces cheaper to purchase online for a couple of quid, not seen it yet and the more unseen film the Passenger, the UK release Bunny and the Bull.......which despite it's Mighty Boosh connections (I'm not a fan) was an enjoyable, quirky film.
Eastbound and Down which I was told I should watch about two years ago and never got around to it, it was good telly, very funny at times. In Bruges which I've not yet seen (deliberately), even though everyone else in the world has, and laughed at and it's even been on telly. Random Italian hooligan fare Ultra' from 1991, A bit more Jarmusch I've not seen, a couple more I'd not have bothered with but for them being less than the price of a pint, slice-of-life in the way of Princesses a nice Spanish prostitution flick, Ultranova an award winning Belgian film from 2005, and the ever reliable Paul Giamatti in Cold Souls, a bit of a geeky Malcolm McDowell talkathon and even Kick-Ass which was surprising fun! Also, Deadwood boxset, not seen this yet, but heard good things about it, coming recommended, worth a punt for twenty five quid! Join us next time for some more thrilling film based fun. YHN

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