Wednesday 22 September 2010


It's about that time for another update post...
Firstly, stocks have been refreshed on the following selected lines : Flick To Kick Orange. Navy and Bottle of Life Through a Tinted Lens, Party People and the latest The Subb Dresser tee. In addition to recent releases of The Crest Pocket tee, Northern Soul and the new Bowie Low colour.

Coming Soon : As well as the forthcoming 'Weir3' hat, which should be with us in around 4-6 weeks
- we've also got two new T-Shirts on the way...
Street Fighting Man which is a fusion of several original Paris riot posters is due in a few weeks time and a little further down the line we'll have another Subb Dresser tee. Like our current Subb-Dresser 'Colin' - this one sees another collab with Section76 and Oneupmanship, I say it's one of the best pieces of artwork we've done and if our name 'The Casual Connoisseur' was to be depicted in art form as a dapper dresser - then, well I guess this would be he, more details when we get them!

Is that it or was there anything else? Oh yeah The Woodbank Polo continues to fly out, so if you're thinking about getting one remember they might not be around for too long.
Oh and finally, that brings us onto the Cagoules, we previewed them recently, they're currently being worked on with colours being selected, due to the smaller volume of quantities, that the suppliers are used to - we're looking at around 120-60 pieces all in. Limited Edition as always and split over 3-4 colours all being well. We anticipate they may take a few months to be produced and delivered so please be patient and watch this space for further updates as and when we get them! YHN

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