Friday 25 February 2011


New Loach! I just stumbled across a trailer for old Kenny's new one. Route Irish which was a pleasant surprise as it was the first I'd heard about it. British institution and one of our faves brings us a political revenge thriller. Fergus and Frankie have been best friends since childhood, with a bond as close as brothers. Both men serve as soldiers in Iraq, then return to the conflict zone as private security contractors. When Frankie is killed on Route Irish, the most deadly section of road in Iraq, Fergus refuses to believe his death is an accident and doggedly pursues the truth, piecing together the intricate puzzle. Interesting cast which includes Scouse comic John Bishop. Released 18th March

Also this looks a little wacky, directorial debut from Richard Ayoade Submarine
is a laugh out loud coming-of-age comedy. Fifteen-year-old Oliver Tate has two goals: to lose his virginity with his somewhat dysfunctional girlfriend before he turns sixteen, and to save his mother from the advances of an amorous mystic. Starring Craig Roberts, Jasmine Paige, with notable turns from Sally Hawkins and Paddy Considine. Also released 18th March YHN

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