Tuesday 17 May 2011


Here's the first look at the second in our collaboration series - this time with our Swedish brethren Our Culture. As seen modelled on the Stockholm waterfront. Available in three colours soon!
The Protectors of the North - A good friend of our recently said that ”The north” is a state of mind. We agree. The grim weather, the isolation, long seasons of darkness when all you do is hide inside. The melancholy and the deep thought thinking that often is mistaken for grumpiness. Dramatic landscapes carved and shaped in time. The grace of gold on eastern shores and the grace of kings on western fjords. The North has it’s way of getting to a persons heart where it remains forever.
This is our way of honouring the protectors of this way of life. Men who found their call in the snow, on the mountains or on the raging Nordic sea. Some just want to get away and there are those that just arrived but want to stay forever.
It’s a love affair,
Isn’t it?

Then, June will see the release of our third in the collaboration series. Essential Kit a design, combining a re-working of one of our original designs and also an update of sorts of an exclusive forum Members t-shirt from a several years ago. Another collaboration with Section 76, this sees some our favourite items together in Airfix style.

We are proud to annouce that later this summer sees us taking things up a notch, with some seriously nice shirts or shirtings if you are that way inclined. Starting with three, a checked three pocket button down coming in a lovely Woven check and Purple gingham. We also have our take on the classic Chambray work shirt, with lots of nice little details, no less than six utility pockets and subtle branding. All topped off with our now trademark touches. These are custom manufactured within the EU. We are very happy with how these look and feel. Scheduled for a July release all being well.

Our 'Beat a Storm' raincoat will be back in time for late summer, festivals and the new football season, coming in three classic, old school colours, Red, Grey and Yellow. Once again another limited release, these practically sold out within hours earlier this year. Scheduled for a June/July release.
Note, Due to demand our recent Peter O'Toole and Casper t-shirts will be restocked over the next couple of weeks....CHECK BACK for more updates and further news of another exciting addition to our summer of collaborations.

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