Sunday 8 May 2011



This tee is a bit of a different one, it has an interesting little story attached to it too. Late last year our beloved Grandma passed away aged 94 and whilst having to do the awful, heartbreaking clearing of the house we found this old magazine up in a high cupboard. Stopping a while, deciding to flick through it I immediately noticed this great illustration. Attached to an article that is as true today as it was then. I brought the magazine home and read it again and thought to myself aside from all the above and the fact it was quite poignant it was also just a really cool as fuck image by famed illustrator Jack Kirby and it had to go on a tee one day. This day is now. Tweed and guns, shades of The French Connection and Dirty Harry, controversy, corruption and violence. Loons with pistols, Travis Bickle, CIA, FBI, worried public figures, Presidents, Senators and people making a difference. And a real feel of the cool 60's and 70s American cinema all ring true with this one. We think it's kool and the gang.
Available now in the store.


Here's a new, updated release of our logo, tee. The tee with the two C's if you will. With killer quotes on the hem from our favourite sadistic delinquent, who's fond of beethoven to one of our favourite others. On 'Clockwork Orange and ...Navy. Available now. YHN

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