Thursday 9 June 2011


Next summer the good Arctic Fox folk will launch Fjällräven’s very first jacket in a new edition The Greenland No. 1. Styles come and go, but Fjall is as good as anything for those who crave nice and simple functional clobber that defies fashionable fads and trends, the Greenland jacket is a good example of this, their classic item.
'We can’t escape the feeling of nostalgia, but also pride, when we look back at the products created by Fjällräven’s founder Åke Nordin in the 1960s. These were products which decreased limitations on enjoying outdoor life, which made it possible for thousands upon thousands of outdoor enthusiasts to venture further into the wilderness, or at least venture out in a more comfortable and safer manner than they could earlier.'

It all started with the Greenland Expedition :
After a Swedish expedition to Greenland in 1966, it was obvious that the outdoor clothing of the time was not as functional as the climbers would have desired. Åke had in-depth discussions about equipment and clothing with the expedition members and with the help of Hasse Hellström he drew up a design for a functional jacket. The jacket became a reality for one of Åke’s own mountain trips. He made it from the olive green fabric which he had found to be too heavy for a lightweight tent but seemed to be perfect for durable outdoor clothing.
The jacket was named Greenland Jacket after the expedition, and was launched in 1968, the year of the student revolutions across Europe. Climbers loved the practical jacket. They appreciated its water and wind resistance and its hood which followed their head movements. They loved its practical breast pockets for storing everything that was needed close to hand (in those times; maps and cigarettes). It was lightweight, flexible, durable, and dried fast – everything that earlier cotton garments were not.

So this is why we all felt a bit nostalgic when Åke Nordin took out his very first jacket during a personnel get-together recently. We were where it all started; in Åke’s workshop outside his home town of Örnsköldsvik. This was where he had his sewing machine (his mother’s Singer that he had taken over), and this was where he made Fjällräven’s first tent, first backpack – and first Greenland Jacket.

As a tribute to Åke, his ingenuity and Fjällräven’s origins, Fjäll have decided to launch a new edition of this first model. Greenland No.1 is an exact replica of the original jacket which Åke worn on his mountain trip in 1968. The only difference is the fabric and here we have opted for an environmental alternative. Greenland No. 1 is made from G-1000 Eco – a combination of recycled polyester and organic cotton.
Looking forward to it. CD

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