Thursday 2 June 2011


Early next week should see the release of the second in our collaboration series. This time with our friends from Our Culture.
The Protectors of The North tee is slightly behind it's planned release of the end of May - this is down to TCC HQ having a complete re-wire all week! We hoped the disruptions would be minimal but delays have been inevitable as we had to store away stock and have had no electricity for a few days. Also any sales this week may be a wee bit late too, following on from the bank holiday an'all. But we're trying to ensure turnaround isn't too badly effected! We've also changed to a new t-shirt which did hold the forthcoming stock up at the printers a tad. This is explained in more detail below.
From next week : - We'll also be restocking a few of the best sellers and recent designs too. The super fast selling first collaboration with Peter O'Toole will be restocked on both Sky and a more limited run of Yellow (again) alongside a restock of Barnsley's most favourite son Billy Casper. Also available in new colours will be the Northern Music Factory tee, this time on Red, Ramblers will be restocked on Orange. and then what is pretty much likely to be the last of our 'Tinted Lens' tee, this time a snazzy orange mixed print on black, i
t looks swell, grab one while you can as this very popular tee has been available from when we originated but is more than likely the last run we will be doing. Limited Edition.

Coming soon we have the shirting's on the way, we've had a few questions about these and barring any production delays we hope to have them available by the end of this coming month. These are premium shirts, they are the most advanced piece of clothing we will have produced to date and we're very much looking forward to their release.

In addition to the above people have asked for a more plain tee and on the way is just that. A plain heavy tee with the embroidered logo on the 'tit' and a striped tee option too, currently being sampled! We've also got the third in our collaboration series, Essential Kit with some ace artwork by our old chum Section 76 -scheduled as planned for release this month and then the fourth one for July which we excitedly announced last week a t-shirt being designed by superb Manchester based artist and illustrator Ben Lamb!
On top of all that we have plenty of new tee designs being worked on right now as you will have seen a second working with Mr O'Toole for a much requested Stone Roses tee. Currently in production is a Limited Edition long sleeved Woodbank polo in time for Summer and the second round of the highly desirable 'Beat a Storm' cagoule is on the way too!

Ch, ch changes...

Well, finally, if you're still with us. There has been a little delay in the second installment of our collaboration as we've decided to change our t-shirts over. This February saw a bit of an enforced change when our favoured t-shirt we'd used since day one moved production and we weren't happy at the change in quality so decided it was no longer deemed good enough for us. We looked around for the best replacement we could find and thought we'd found it until most recently we discovered for no apparent reason the sizing block had seemingly increased significantly, thus customer feedback suggested the same. SO going forward we have made a change to what we feel is the best t-shirt we could possibly source and one of the best known suppliers in the world. From The Protectors Of The North release onwards will see the new t-shirt - complete with a brand spanking new neck label design too.
Below is the new size guideline - this will be available on each page as always. We apologise for any inconvenience in the t-shirt changes but can assure you the decision to change over was only if it was for the better and this is.
**We also have to announce a price increase of £1. We have only once increased our t-shirt pricing structure since the very beginning but unfortunately rising production costs everywhere, not to mention a hefty jump in postal costs and charges means we've had make a little rise ourselves - which we still offer Free Worldwide delivery. To avoid any confusion this price increase will only come into effect with the new releases and beyond this coming week. We hope this update covers everything. Any further questions or queries let us know. YHN

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