Friday 28 October 2011


Here at Connoisseur HQ we've just come off the back of a rather manic and definitely hectic week, we're not complaining though, far from it.
Our new Woodbank Polos went up on Monday and were virtually gone in two days which was rather crazy. Crazier still - were our limited edition Harris Tweed scarves which sold out in 4 minutes!! Now they were limited but that was frighteningly quick. We are still waiting on a batch of the L/S polos still to arrive so there will be some more over the next few weeks.

NEXT WEEK we have two brand new tees that have finally arrived.

The excellent and unique artwork of the always great Bill Murray commissioned from Andy Watt, will be available on both White and Khaki tees and we have The Good Doctor Mr Thompson making his long awaited bow on both White and Navy tees each with different colourways. This one also features some pretty snazzy and most definitely 'kool and the gang' silver ink detail to boot! Two seriously ace tees even if I do say so myself!

Over the coming weeks leading into the cold months we will be going hat mad with our selection of bonce warmers. The cult favourites the Weirs are on the way, also some lovely wool watch caps, a restock and new five panel options and some villainous flat caps! BUT spearheading all those is one of THE best bucket hats you couldwish to wear. The 'Arne Naess' hat has been a (slow) work in progress for some years and finally with the collaboration of our Scandinavian brothers at Our Culture it's come to fruition, we've got it nailed and we've created a pretty super titfter!

More on that soon! YHN

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