Tuesday 18 October 2011


Okey dokey. There's been a lot happening here at Connoisseur HQ and lot's of new product is on the way of which we keep getting asked about - so we thought it high time we get another update post out there.
Firstly, after a couple of delays the new Woodbank Polos, this time in Long Sleeve and with a choice of four colours, but much more limited than last years version too, these will be available to purchase next week.

We've also got some new tees of course, there's plenty in the pipeline but this time we'll highlight two excellent pieces featuring commissioned artwork from illustrators. Firstly Andy Watt who's work you'll have seen in The Guide, FHM and GQ with his superb take on the great ever lasting subdued cool dude Bill Murray. Why Bill Murray? why not?
Released alongside Mr Murray is our continued work with our friend and cohort Mr O'Toole as we finally bring the Good Doctor to a tee. The Gonzo t-shirt sees another of our portrait and quote combos with a snazzy silver ink on Mr Thompsons' famous aviators and cigarette holder, cool 'huh!?

Coming shortly too we have some ace new super quality heavyweight sweatshirts, with a classic 'Nam influenced design and our College varsity style sweat on the way as well as a limited re-run of the fucking aceness Connoisseur take on the cult Wanderers logo.

Our lovely and limited edition Harris Tweed scarves have been patiently waiting for the bizarre extended summer to get to normal and the Autumn/Winter to finally kick in. These lovely pieces handmade by one person way up north on the Isle of Lewis come in super limited quantities and kick start the Connoisseur winter fun with a restock (including new choices) of our Made in the USA five panel Midtown caps, in addition to those there are some spiffing tweed flat caps on the way too, named in honour of Salford hardman-come-mountaineer Don 'the Villain' Whillans who wore his flat cap everywhere, even up Annapurna, probably.

Then, then, then.... come this years Weir hats. Our favourite and popular cult bobble hat is into it's fourth year now, with the style seemingly becoming more popular over that time too, we have not only one but two releases of three colourways plus a new fairisle style hat too. AND AND ! If that's not enough there's also some luvverly premium woolen 'watch caps' also made in England with Highland 2000 coming too. Wahey.

All details, prices, release dates and images to follow as they come. YHN

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