Thursday 17 May 2012


We're back ready for round two!
Last year we did our first 'connoisseur creative challenge'.
The premise - design a new connoisseur t-shirt. The brief was a Serpico themed tee.
We had a great deal of entries and in the end Minty's fantastic painting won it.
So onto number two...
This years competition is to design a tee based around The Beastie Boys theme.
What you choose to do can be anything you like, a take on artwork, logos or based around lyrics. It doesn't matter how obvious or loose the connection is as long as it ties in and it's new and original artwork from yourself. As last time; anyone can enter :- young or old, amateur or professional. Send you entries in an email to
We'll add the entries together and give people around six weeks to get theirs in.
Closing date Friday 29th June.
Winner will be announced some time after. The winner receives the illustrious accolade of havign an officila connoisseur released tee, the winning t-shirt and a connoisseur goody bag!
We've been asked in the past for a tee paying tribute to the hardcore punk-cum-hip-hoppers, however with the recent sad news of Adam (MCA) Yauch passing on this became another topic of discussion. Rather than us appear to jump on some sort of bandwagon, this gives us a great opportunity to let passionate and hardcore fans have a bash at something unique and creative. So let's have them entries in. Once the tee is on general release a donation from sales will go to a chosen relevant charity. YHN

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