Friday 11 May 2012


Bit of a bland post here, but a necessary and important one at that...CHANGES TO PRICING & NEW CHECKOUT SYSTEM :-
Since we set off on the good ship connoisseur we always offered FREE worldwide shipping. Even though it meant we found ourselves losing out - especially for those "rest of World" parcels! 'Doh'. We appreciate we have a loyal fan base from each corner of the world and all in between and have always tried to offer the best value we can even though sometimes it's compromised our own budget.
HOWEVER... at the end of April Royal Mail's pricing structure increased by significant amounts and not only that the weight structure also means it's a double whammy of knockout blows as far as we're concerned!
For instance it's now the same price to send a parcel that weighs 2 grams as it is to send one for 750 grams - if that is then going recorded it's £3.65 per item! Overseas is even more with the average for our product ranging between £3.16-£6.62 for Europe and £4.42-£11.64 for everywhere else. You don't need to be a mathematician to work out that it's clearly not viable to send stuff out at our own costs any longer.
SO we've been having a restructure and the next stage in the near future is to introduce a more advanced checkout system. Feedback in the past was that although nice and easy to make a purchase if people wanted to buy more than one item they had to checkout multiple times. This new checkout will allow you to 'add to cart' and check out just once with how ever many items you are wanting to purchase and also calculate postage too. For those customers who want to know where their items are you can even have the option of international signed for/trackable mail long as you pay extra for it, that is. We are working on introducing this over the coming months, once tested and if its running smoothly.In the meantime a small increase on the 'delivered' price will be implemented to cover the substantial increase set by Royal Mail.
Finally, perhaps most importantly we will not be charging you the exact postage prices! We appreciate it's a fair jump so we'll be sharing the costs somewhere in between, meaning we'll still be offering a worldwide postage that is far cheaper than most offer. Please bear with us during the changeover in case of any blasted darn buglets getting in the way. Thanks for your continued support. YHN

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