Friday 1 June 2012


Okay, today sees the release of not one, nor two but three new releases. It's a jubilee bonanza!
These tees are all diamond too! Fit for royalty etc. Anyway... enough of all that.
We've got the next two of our music themed tees in Our Connoisseur Fiend Club, a nod and a wink to the Misfits and 3-Tone, The Connoisseur Beat - a play on the 2-Tone record label.
And then finally we have a special one in Sound and Vision where we've gone rather creative with some sublime results. One design; three totally different methods. We've got lovely Shiny silver foil effect ink on the black tee, an amazing white raised 3D effect on Navy and then an industrial style black matt on Yellow. The original conception of this tee caused a bit of a stir and we were forced to check things out and decided a rethink was the order of the day and so this was born and the end product is a belter!
Available today from 6pm, also new orders will be available at RAN and Distant Echo including a different Grey colourway of Sound And Vision.
Please note : with it being 'eld Lizzies special celebration we've kind of had an enforced extra long bank holiday upon us! Which is all good, unless of course you're waiting for post! As a result of this - delays should be expected with regards to delivery. Don't blame us, it's out of our hands, tell the monarchy! YHN

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