Thursday 7 June 2012


"We're recruiting for a national firm, are you in or what? "
Well we aren't really, but the Euros are round the corner. Modern football lark aint got a patch on the old days has it? Let's be honest.
With that in mind we stuck to those more fond memories for the International football themed tees of previous releases. World Cup Willie takes the jovial mascot from Englands' glorious campaign of '66 and rough's him up a bit. Clearly a few decades have taken their toll and Our Willie has been to a few away tournaments now. Then we've got a selection of heroes past and present with England Heroes. Both have had a limited restock on new colourways.
Finishing off nicely though is our amazing Bexy V The Yeti tee, we commissioned artist Matt Craven to come up with something rather different for this one; because normally you just don't get illustrators of this calibre doing a sketch for a lesser known gem of yesteryear. That's why we love doing this sort of stuff! He din't let us down, The cult favourite from Alan Clarke featuring a towering performance from Gary Oldman up against his nemesis The Yeti played by Phil Davis. It's a cracker!
Available today from 7pm onwards.YHN

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