Friday 28 December 2012


As we approach the end of the year, here's a tribute to the famous folk who left this world in 2012. From the familiar faces, to those who were a surprise, shock and even a tragedy to see shuffle off this mortal coil so early... TC

Neil Armstrong, astronaut.

Ernest Borgnine, actor.
Max Bygraves, musician.
Frank Carson, comedian.
Chuck Brown, musician.
David Kelly, actor.
Donald 'Duck' Dunn, musician.
Clive Dunn, actor.
Charles Durning, actor.
Etta James, musician.
Gerry Anderson, director.
Ben Gazzara, actor.
Gore Vidal, writer.
Larry Hagman, actor.
Brian Hibbard, actor, musician.
Henry Hill, wiseguy.
Bob Holness, broadcaster.
Whitney Houston, musician.
Geoffrey Hughes, actor.
John Lord, musician.
Davy Jones, musician.
Sylvia Kristel, actor.
Herbert Lom, actor.
Michael Clarke Duncan, actor.
Terry Nutkins, naturalist/presenter.
Ralph McQuarrie, designer.
Lupe Ontiveros, actor.
Patrick Moore, astronomer.
Robin Gibb, musician.
Scott Mackenzie, musician.

Victor Spinetti, actor.
Donna Summer, musician.

Eric Sykes, actor.
Bill Tarmey, actor.
Tony Scott, director.
Vidal Sassoon, stylist.
Andy Williams, musician.
Adam Yauch, musician.

Jack Klugman, actor.

Fontella Bass, musician.

Ravi Shankar, musician.

Sir Bernard Lovell, pioneer.

Sid Waddell, broadcaster.

Bert Weedon, musician.
Carlo Rambaldi, artist.

Wayne Roberts, graffiti artist.

Henri Strzelecki, clothing pioneer.

Jocky Wilson, Darts player

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