Friday 21 December 2012


Now then, here's a quick update to hopefully answer any final questions pre-Christmas.

Firstly all sales were despatched yesterday in time for the cut off point today. All today's sales up until 1pm have now also been despatched.
Any sales from this point onwards will not be posted now until after Christmas.
The shop will remain open all over the festive break, we will post out as and when we can and when the post offices are open of course. We will, like everyone else also be having a time-out for a few days too.

Secondly quite a few emails and mostly from across the pond asking and enquiring about orders in particular the Overlooks, we ensured they went out prior to the cut-off date for Europe and RoW customers. As we mentioned here it's Christmas and you should expect delays as standard, we've done our bit, with a super fast turnaround now it's up to the postal services to deliver. No one likes waiting for stuff but it does take time at this time of year. Please refer to our guidelines and sit tight (rather than mail us asking where something is). Every sale has been despatched.

Thirdly, we had hoped to have our new Osti, Dance at My Party and Curva tees out in time for a pre-xmas release. Sadly it wasn't possible so along with the Connoisseurs sweatshirts and the Overlook restock, they'll be released post Christmas now.

We've got fresh new Weirs too which will be previewed over the festive period and released in two batches over the coming weeks. Announcements will be made on here, facebook and twitter about those.

Finally just like to say a big shout out to each and everyone of you who has supported us this year, it's been a good one and we love you all. x

Have a good one, eat lot's of crap, drink lots of ale and chill out, it's Christmas afterall.
Merry yuletide greetings.

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