Wednesday 27 March 2013


Now then, quite a bit going down at CCHQ, so here's one of them update posts. So, our second round of shirts are ready for a release on MON APR 1 12pm. (they aren't in any way foolish!) As per last years, they're using our own block, though this year the sleeve is a little bigger and cuff, widened a touch - we listened to the feedback. 
We've got the Carter which is a dapper modernist style pattern on a really nice blue, azure colour? I'm not sure, it's just really nice. It's dressy without being dressy and has an old skool vibe about it, we feel it reminds us of the 70s and  in particular the type of shirt a scorned brother might wear as he reaps his revenge around a windy Newcastle, hence the name-nod. 
Then we've got the Bunyan, which might sound like something wrong with one's foot but in actual fact we're talking about Paul. A big giant lumberjack of a man from American folklore who may or may not have been real. You might have seen his presence in the film Fargo, if you've not seen Fargo then go and watch it. 
Last but certainly by no means least is the Regency , last year we did a small gingham print, this year we've done a bigger one, in red and white - which looks like the old days covers of London greasy spoon tables and it's giving us the vibe of where overweight naughty men go for their gabagool in New Jersey, but Regency fitted better than Satriales so we've stuck with it, so there.
What we have is three shirts from the same block, that fit really nice, the Bunyan has the inclusion of two front lower hand pockets and the other two have the same button chest pockets and lower smaller 'zippo' style pocket, but if you're not a smoker a Freddo bar fit's in just as well, or whatever you please, it's there as a little extra. These are three staple shirts, really well made, nice fit, we think they're smashing and with a real sensible price to boot.

Next I'm sure you've seen that what is quite clearly the winning book on it's titled subject, CASUALS by Phil Thornton has had a revised and updated edition released after ten years, yes it's been ten years!! 
Well we're proud as punch that we were able to be involved in this re-release coming together, it's an honour and from the creative fingertips of our regular cohort Mr O'Toole we've also got a limited edition tee produced in celebration. 
The tees will be available MON APR 5 though we'll confirm that as soon as possible. They'll also be getting shipped out to various stockists too over the coming days as well.

The Resistance Smock! What's happening I hear you say? 
Yeah well fair enough. We're still awaiting the full batch to be done and delivered but we'll be adding available stock online asap, so check the shop out as we go.

And finally we've stuck a little taster up of some new pins. We've got a few coming in soon, the next in the two-piece little men sets series, two new 'Antihero' themed pins with both Breaking Bad's Heisenberg and Alex from the book cover of A Clockwork Orange both in fantastic shiny, minute, monochrome form AND, AND there's the two fictional football mob pins from The Firm and ID too! ALL COMING SOON! TC

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