Wednesday 3 April 2013


Now then! Bit of a dull post this you might think, but it's an important one none the less. Last May  Royal Mail implemented a new pricing structure that was quite the increase of previous years. The last hike was the first year since our inception when we had no choice but to start charging postal prices after previously offering free worldwide shipping!
Well fast forward less than a year and the prices have gone up once again! 
Our services mainly for UK customers cater for First Class Recorded 'packets' that tend to come under the 750g weight bracket on the whole (depending on the product). Last year this rose to the price of £3.65, now this year it's risen again to what will be an (hefty) varied price of £4.10-£6.75 for the usual product! Overseas isn't too different, except of course it's now even more expensive!
Not only have Royal Mail implemented new prices right after the bank holiday but also brought it forward (previous two years was the end of April) leaving no time to prepare and adjust accordingly. BUT, BUT they've also implemented a total new system and structure too. The dozen or so rolls of orange recorded slips (and system we had) are now redundant in favour of a new style, which we're waiting for! As you may or may not be aware we post our product out in bulk form usually 2-3 times a week, so for us this new system arriving after an extended bank holiday weekend means quite a backlog of sales to action, including the bank holiday Monday release of the new shirts to action, process and post. 
We pride ourselves on as fast a turnaround as we can, but after processing a large amount of sales yesterday, these had to be brought back and redone to the new barcodes and price structure. 
If you're still with us, in short it means there's both going to be a bit of a price increase (on future sales) and also a delay in receiving your item if purchased during this Bank Holiday period. We apologise for you having to wait, despite it being a rather unavoidable headache! TC

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