Wednesday 14 August 2013


Snapshots from Spain, by Neil Morris of Veras shoes. Whilst living out in Spain, Welshman Neil (Nelly to his mates) was inspired by his surroundings and set up the Veras brand. Tapping into his experience in clothing retail - Nelly co-ran Cardiff's renowned Drooghi store on High Street Arcade, back in the day, as they say. 
Doing his own line with Drooghi and the cult Rather Not Say brand. Ahead of it's time, this independent store was stocking and also 'breaking' to an extent, the likes of 6876, Patagonia, Silas, Mandarina Duck, Duffer and YMC, Drooghi were also doing lookbooks and fanzines before lookbooks and fanzines were the real norm too.
Starting out with the signature summer footwear, Veras cater for varying seasons now with another impressive collection just previewed at London tradeshow Jacket Required. We're genuinely chuffed to have made our own footwear this year collaborating with Veras, progress has always been key for this little brand and it's a great meeting of minds which works on so many levels - to me, what a collabo should always be about. DC

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