Thursday, 29 August 2013


Its uniqueness, beauty and scenic interest earned it the name of National Park in 1995, converting the western most part, that of Covadonga Mountain National Park, into the first National Park in Spain - one of the first in Europe.
The highest altitudes of the Cantabrian mountain range are located in the central massif of the park, wedged among the steep crags of Los Urrielles, where the most symbolic figure and summit of the Picos de Europa stands: el Naranjo de Bulnes, which is 2519 meters high,and a lure for many sports enthusiasts and climbers who cannot resist climbing its craggy walls.
It is an exceptional place where the oak tree rules the forest, forming the largest oak grove in Spain and one of the best preserved in all of Europe. Living among its rich and varied fauna, are the Cantabrian grizzly bear and the grouse, both protected species; although you can also find wolves, bald eagles, roe deer, vultures, wild boar,chamoins and others.

Irra,from Barcelona.

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