Monday 6 January 2014


1500 Magazine has gone through a cocooned period over the festive season and with the changes has reformed and is re-released shortly as Casual Mag. We said we'd share a few questions to add a bit of background...

Please tell our readers about your project. when and why did u start 1500 mag?

1500 Magazine was created in July 2012. After years of contributing to a number of Fanzines I realised there was not a decent Magazine available which gave fans the chance to have their opinions published. I was bored of reading Magazines like Four Four Two, they are just packed full of articles from journalists who write with no passion and are being restricted to what they can and cant say. I wanted a Magazine with decent interviews, where we ask the questions you actually want answers to - not shit questions you find in mainstream magazines like "what is your favourite goal" end of day who wants to know the answer to questions like that really? We just wanted a Magazine that was more tailored towards a Football fan that enjoys the whole culture around the game. Mainstream Mags are aimed at armchair Football fans where we feel 1500 Magazine was perfect for the real Football fan.

Why from 1500 to casualmag?

The Magazine has evolved massively from the 1st Issue from a Football Magazine to now a Football and Clothing Mag. Our readers as I said previously enjoy all aspects of Football Culture from the game itself to Casual clothing, Music and the of course the beer. As each issue was released there was more demand for articles on Clothing and Music and we felt although we had great success under the 1500 name a new name was required to match the direction of the Magazine. Casual Mag was the perfect choice as it defines our readers. The feedback on the name change has been fantastic and we cannot wait to get kick started with the new issue. 

What kind of feedback did u get during these first 18 or so months?

The feedback on the first 6 issues has been great. The Mag has just kept growing from issue to issue. More and more of our favourite brands have got on board as each issue has been released and our readership just keeps growing. We have found more and more people wanting to write for the Magazine and a number of our writers our young hungry lads who write with passion and do not hold back and it all makes for excellent reading. 

Where can people find the mag?

Our main stockist is who also stock all our favourite brands including Casualco. The Mag is also available direct from

Plans for 2014?

Issue 7 is out January 10th and will then be released every other month on the 10th. We plan to keep on growing as the Magazine is now stocked all over the world (Italy, Poland, Russia and Japan to name a few) Its the readers Mag so we always want feedback good or bad that way we can carry on bringing you exactly what you expect from a Football and Clothing publication. Give us a Like on Facebook - Happy new year everyone.

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