Monday 30 December 2013


As we approach the end of the year, once again we pay tribute to the famous folk who died this year. In the same year our own father passed away, so did people we loved, people we loathed, some shocks, some perhaps expected, some far too young. Here's a look in no particular order, at those who left us in 2013... DC
James Gandolfini, actor.

Peter O'Toole, actor.

Lou Reed, musician.

Alan Whicker, broadcaster.

Anne Williams, campaigner.

Brian Greenhoff, footballer.

Bill Pertwee, actor.

Bert Trautmann, footballer (manager).

David Coleman, broadcaster.
Elmore Leonard, author.

David Frost, broadcaster.

Dennis Farina, actor.

Frank Thornton, actor.

Iain Banks, author.

Ivan Turina, footballer.

Junior Murvin, musician.

Ken Norton, boxer.

Mel Smith, actor/director.

Lewis Collins, actor.
Nigel Davenport, actor.

Nelson Mandela, revolutionary.

Nosher Powell, actor/hard man.

Paul Shane, actor.

Paul Walker, actor.

Richard Briers, actor.

Ronnie Biggs, evader.

Roger Ebert, film critic.

Richard Griffiths, actor.

Ray Harryhausen, director, pioneer.

Richard Thorpe, actor.

Tom Clancy, author.

Wayne Harrison, footballer.

Tony Gubba, broadcaster.
Margaret Thatcher, politician/twat.

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