Friday 1 August 2014


Our Northern Music Factory "Club Mix" edition goes online tonight at 7pm (GMT)
What is it? Well it's a super new multicolourful print technique that's a lovely soft print to boot. 

ALSO an important notice about delivery. Unfortunately the perils of being a very small team here at CC HQ means at times we have to commit to other events/meetings for the greater good of the brand and of course do the 'boring' side of the business too, the paperwork and accounts, this is one of those weeks and so is half of next as we work to get things in order. Unfortunately there's also the great urgency to get some of these new tees we've been waiting a while for online, with them typically all coming at once. So we'll try and get new tees regularly online the only downside is this one and purchases from yesterday may well likely take a day or two longer than our normal fast service, so apologies in advance if you are affected. TC

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