Monday 18 August 2014


OK folks, we can imagine it can be a little frustrating waiting for news and certain items to drop, but rest assured we're hard at it! The perils of being a two man team means we are slightly dictated with when and how we release things, there's not enough hours in the day most days. Trust us, we'd love to put everything out at once, but I think the internet would explode!
There's a lot happening behind the scenes; we're working on a new website, more outerwear releases are being drawn up as we type. On that note, arriving and previewed this week will be the 'Wenlock jacket', a windbreaker we have made in collaboration with Collective Noun, this is a project all designed and made in London. Typically we named this one after a favourite pub, this will be available this month, watch this space. Following that we have the recently announced collaboration with Weekend Offender too - one of several planned outerwear offerings over the next 12 months that promises to be as different to the next, more news on that soon.

Then of course it's hat season - a very busy time for us will see more of the same, a wide range of offerings from our ace new baseball caps made with Ebbets Field Flannels in the USA (Sept) , our Heron hat due any day now too, then the outstanding reversible bucket hat with Berlin Groundet (Sept), if you thought our public transport inspired headwear couldn't get any crazier then you've seen nothing yet! Berlin's crazy U-Bahn seats have been turned into a reversible hat in Goretex. We also have our premium made flat-caps and a new deerstalker in the works and the McMurphy hats to come as well. Then, we'll come to our made in England signature Weir hats, which are already in the works for Nov/Dec. Yes, by sheer demand the 'Overlook' will also be available again, too.

Loads of tees we've been waiting on are now arriving and will be released as soon as we get the full quota: the 'bootleg' inspired designs such as the 'CC' and 'Dead Hard' made with Curva Nord will be available soon, as will the 'Run, Walk' and our Russian double bill with Outskirts Moscow. Also incoming will be several restocks such as 'Tinted Lens', 'Wolf Of Wall Street' in new colours and the classic 'Working Men's Club'Last but not least, several new pins will be available too, with some due any day and loads more currently on order. 

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support x  DC

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