Thursday 2 October 2014


I'm genuinely upset to write this blog post, maybe it's a touch of the blues at the moment but this really got to me, and any dog lovers will understand it too. One of my best friends today told of the news of his bulldog Freja's passing. I was lucky to have spent some time with this girl on a few occasions and what a great dog she was. It was last summer I took these photos of an ace trip out across the Stockholm archipelago, taking in the stunning scenery with Freja in tow. I know this dog had the best parents in the world and they were crazy about her which makes it even more sad for me. I'm never really dramatic like this, but I was looking forward to my next visit over there in the future some time, and aside from meeting mates and taking in the scenery, the football and the old town I was looking forward most to giving a big manly cuddle to this little gentle giant. Vila i frid Freja.

Take your time, smell the leaves,
Chase a shadow, or a bee.
I'm always watching over you,
Because that's what you've done for me.

Freja 2007-2014. DC

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