Saturday 4 October 2014


Love hats? Yeah we do. Really do.
Our appreciation of headwear has been since childhood. One of the earliest memories was my brother balling his eyes out when on a boat trip around Conwy Castle aged three circa 1980 I ripped off his cap and threw it in the sea. 
Over the years we've accumulated lot's of hats from the norm to the very obscure and it was perhaps little surprise that with our business, a major part of it would revolve around designing and making hats. Even more so when the town we hail from once boasted the biggest industry of hat manufacturing, including Indiana Jones's titfer.
From staple and subtle goodness like the McMurphy to the cult that is the Weirs, to the world famous overlook, we're always happy to push the boundary and with that we met up with our Berlin brothers from a different mother, talked ideas and came up with this one! 
Much in the same vein as previous unique hat designs we carry on our public transport theme again, but a little further afield this time. We've teamed up with our good pals at Berlin Groundet to make another pretty groundbreaking hat, first planned many moons ago it's great to see this one finally come off. We have taken the amazing psychedelic seat pattern from the Berlin Underground system seats, a pattern befitting such a fantastic city, and at times a bit of a crazy place. On the flip side it all goes a bit '2001' with a shiny Goretex side. Two very different hats in one. And with the true CC ethos, there's only 100 made
Online Monday 6th - 7pm GMT and 8pm CET from Berlin Groundet too. TC

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