Thursday 27 November 2014


Hands off cocks, on socks, as they say in the Army.
A requirement for any feet unless you live in Barbados or somewhere equally silly hot. And why stick with plain white or black shit when you can add a bit of pizazz to your hoofs? 

This winter we've got some more offerings, nine different designs in total and three different gift box styles too. Lot's of socks of the happy variety from Swedish sock connoisseurs Happy Socks. So tart up your feet with some added flash. It's a random bunch as different as the next and not one but three different special limited edition gift boxes, for loved ones, parents or special friends, who also appreciate that what;s under the fancy footwear is as equally an important part of your attire.

They'll be online early Friday AM!
Please note these will be shipped on Monday 1st December. TC

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