Wednesday 3 December 2014


So yeah it's that time of year already again. AND like previous years there's a demand for loads of products.
As with the last few years, hat season tends to take over at winter and whilst we've already taken care of most of the McMurphy's, there's still the multicolours to go online yet and the 'posh hats' too. Deerstalkers, Flat caps and all that caper. Then of course the Overlooks, which will be online very soon. If ever there was a hat we get more mails and questions about it's this one! Whilst we're only a two man team with no little helpers we'll do our absolute bestest to ensure we get new product online and shipped as it arrives with us. 
The usual 'online at 7pm tomorrow' will not be applicable this time of year for a lot of product as we aim to get incoming stuff online without delay. So please keep an eye on the shop and the social networks for announcements of releases.

Later today, The Zippos, Tea Towel, new limited edition Art print and Swiss Army Knives will all go live. A few tees also to follow then more hats!

Then of course the next question people are asking about, yep! The Weirs - which as always will be delivered in batches of 1-2/2-3 all new colours by top secret carrier pigeons (led by Mary). When we get them, you'll know. When they're going'll know. 

Royal Mail - important postal dates.

FIRST off, post is already slower than usual. So as with the festive season that 3-5 day guideline we recommend during normal times (UK, longer everywhere else), unfortunately goes out the window, its difficult to place an exact time and it's out of our hands too, all we can do is process and post sales as they come in, so please bear that in mind. You shouldn't have to wait too long for parcels but if you do, you know's Christmas.

Cut off date for recorded mail this Christmas (for UK) is Friday 19th December. Which means that's the last time we'll be posting anything out pre-Xmas.

Overseas - Canada, Greece and Eastern Europe is the 9th December.
Western Europe, USA and (Static) BFPO  addresses is the 12th December.

This is what we're bound by, them's the rules of the postal serivce so anything else is completely out of our hands so once again please bear this in mind. ALSO please remember overseas customers, you don't get a tracking number unless you pay the extra costs for one on the store. Many thanks. TC

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