Monday 8 December 2014


You know the dance with this one by now. 
If you don't well...
'Proud to present one of the most sought after and talked about hats out there. The Weir Overlook.
Our little brand is all about immersing itself in the things we love and are passionate about, this is no finer example of that. This is one of a kind, inspired by that garish 1970's carpet from the spooky Overlook Hotel, from the chilling cult film adaption The Shining from 1980. As seen in Empire Magazine (Feb 2013) bought by loads of people from Oscar Winners to Suicide Girls. The one which broke all records when we sold 300 in a minute last year. Back by popular demand, the first, the original, the Connoisseur Overlook.' DC
Online Tuesday 7pm (GMT) 

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