Wednesday 18 March 2015


"Is that from The Shining?, someone's done hats similar"

"You know that pattern is from The Shining, don't you right?!"

"Hey mate that scarf looks like it's the pattern from The Overlook hotel, y'know from Stanley Kubrick's Shinin' film." 

Just three comments we got yesterday whilst wearing and photographing our new scarves, which is fair enough, but they didn't know WE know until we explained it!

But also those who get them will know, as that's what it's all about. So that ugly and 'dated' pattern from a scary 35 year old film was to be reborn as a unbelievably hugely sought after titfer with people going as mad raving crazy as Jack Torrance himself for it all over the globe, to this day we've ensured we've kept it very limited. We've also thought about a scarf for numerous winters and decided doing a limited run would be a nice alternative way of wearing the legendary pattern.  
These go online Thursday evening at 7pm (GMT). Limited numbers, as always!

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