Thursday 26 March 2015


Here's another one of them little update posts to let you know what's on it's way at CC.
First off, hands off cocks, on socks... Yes we used that last time we sold socks, but we just used it again and anyway these socks are pretty special. Custom made by renowned hosiers Corgi!
They're online on Friday 27th March, there's quite a few of them so there shouldn't be any need to panic. Though please note, they come in S-XL so check your sizing out on the product page.  They also come with a special '4 button badge set' because we're nice like that.

There's loads new tees incoming both online from us as well as from any participating stockists, some of our restocks from next week, plus lot's of new designs in production now and more newness being worked on too!

Sweats - some of you will have been aware there were supposed to be "CASUALCo." sweatshirts due to be released. Unfortunately we encountered some problems with the printing method on one or two and further testing proved there to be a fault with more of them so they were recalled and sadly had to be done away with! 
The perils of being a tiny business means we can't magic them back and sometimes these things happen, very frustrating but we won't sell anything that won't cut it!
HOWEVER we do have a new alternative sweatshirt in production that will appeal to a lot of people.
Paying homage to Clarks and Ken Crutchlow's epic Desert jaunt we have a take on that very sweatshirt he wore coming soon (and a graphic tee too!)

We've got some lovely shirts coming next month too, the next lot in our ongoing collaboration with those fine folk at Tuktuk. Quite literally on the boat now.

What's that? Another Weir. BUT...But it's nearly summer. Yeah but these were decided on in the height of winter and during the busiest manufacturing period and well they're only just here now. Plus we can't speak for everyone but it's still as cold as a witches titty here so we may well get them out rather than sit on them for 6 months. Also this is a special one after being approached by both Peter O'Toole and Quote about the possibility of doing a "QuoToole" trainer colour Weir, we thought why not, so we went and did one! Part of the deal was to do a special photo-shoot with the hat, trainers and underwear n' stuff. So keep an eye out and we'll see.

Oh and of course we're always working on new things, we're working on a new shirt and a special jacket with Newfangle Clothing more details as we get them, but they will be gooood. Plus working on some interesting new tee/polo and outerwear ideas. 

And we've got a new cap and coach jacket currently in production with the best people out there - Ebbets Field Flannels. Plus loads of pins, yes it's been a while hasn't it!? and Yes them Dead Hard one's will be online soon... they're like a year late or something but at some point we decided to order some more in the reverse colour so that's why we've been waiting. 

Vronsky's with Veras are selling fast every day, if your size is still available and you're umming and arring grab a pair before they go, lots of ones and twos in most sizes!

Next Tuesday, a bit of Scorsese flavour with a restock of Mean Streets on Navy and Goodfellas tees, online at 7pm GMT. And we've just received our stack of Mundial magazines so we'll get them online for next week too. TC

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