Friday 10 April 2015


A recent hook up with illustrator Hallyink sees us turn our attention to one of our all time faves, The Young Ones. As kids we grew up watching it as it was taped off the telly by our older brother when it first aired. As adults we appreciated the humour and satire far more. The passing of Rik Mayall made us re-watch and enjoy it all again recently. It'll never go away, we'll still be quoting it as old men. Recently, we visited a few of the locations of the show, such as the house and 'Kebab and Calculator' pub whilst in Bristol. 

Fanboys? yes, totally. I guess you had to be there.
This hand drawn artwork shows the process from pencil to pen. For something so cool and cultish, there's never really been any good unofficial merchandise, unless you got a cheap generic Google image t-shirt. In celebration of this great TV show we'll be releasing a tee in the coming months with this specially commissioned artwork.
Hallyink is an illustrator based in the North East who's footballer and Star Wars drawings caught our eye. Watch this space for release details. DC

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