Tuesday 20 October 2015


That's right. Those Weir bobble hats have become a cult in themselves of the course of the last seven years, released in limited, non-repeated colourways they've caused a massive hoohah and upset people too every winter with demand for them incredible selling faster than tickets for Glastonbury and the like as went live and sold out in seconds. 
This one, the TWEIR designed and made with TRiCKETT is like a hybrid version, made with Shetland wool, featuring a lovely bunch of shades in the wool, wool lined for extra toastiness and also features C X T detailing as well as contrasting navy top and extra dense pom pom. You can read more details here. The hat will be available from both webshops this Friday at 7pm. Limited numbers produced as always, "fastest fngers first" and all that, usual rules and terms apply. TC

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