Thursday 1 October 2015


Tomorrow sees the release of our next pin badge, it's been a while and with the return of Rather Not Say due soon we thought this was pretty appropriate. The logo is of course based on the 'Retour A La Normale' poster from the student uprisings of 1968 - meaning Return to Normal. (Not based on Derby County okay!) so add a bit of history to your collars. It's online tomorrow at 7pm GMT (usual rules apply).

Monday see's one of the first hat's of many over the coming months. 'The Garber'
a reversible fisherman style hat, coming in a colourful Tweed check on one side and plain Olive on the other. Slightly longer, floppier brim is the style on these. Features small orange tab branding.
Taking it's name from Lt Zachary Garber the no nonsense NYC Transit plod, played by Walter Matthau in the original Taking of Pelham 123 we're getting that old 70s New Yoik vibe when we try it on. Gesundheit!
These are produced in strict limited numbers and come in three sizes 57, 59 & 61. Check out the shop for more details. These will go online Monday at 7pm GMT TC

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